is anyone else having problems with the forums topic list being streched pass the site layout?

This is what I see:

Normal view
Maximized view


derekz says:

Nope, but check out one of the last posts in the Gmail topic. The link is off the hizzle. That's quite odd, but I guess that goes to show you that this site is still under beta testing etc.

Dylan says:

Ok, wow. That's pretty impressive. Exactly what version of IE are you running? I have kind of a possible maybe idea of what's causing it, but I'll have to do some testing.

In regard to this reply stretching past the edge, it's just one of the downsides of having a fixed layout. If there is a piece of text that has no breaks in it and it's very very long, it will just overflow over the edge. There are going to be a few oddities like that with posts moved over from the old site.

The best I can say is to make sure you use the preview feature of the new site to make sure your post doesn't overflow.

spincycle` says:

IE 5.5 SP2. It's what's standardized at my office and the only thing that will allow the computer to be "network compliant" when we do TCNO checks. I've been trying to get a hold of out NCC and pushing for upgrading to IE6 just because it's "more recent" but they're not biting the hook.

Dylan says:

Good to know about the browser. I'll do some checking into the CSS to see what I can do to make it work.

vampirical says:

spincycle> Can I ask a small favor? I've had trouble finding someone with a 5.5 SP2 install to test the positioning of, think you could check it out for me?

spincycle` says:

anything in particular you want me to check? the main page looks peachy.

spincycle` says:

after looking through it all I only saw a couple things... one being on the links section.. the banners for neko and the one above it causes the center to overlap the right column. and when I click on the forums on the right hand side, it looks fine but there is horizontal scroll action but nothing visible when you scroll over?

Aesopian says:

For the record, I have found IE 5.5 to COMPLETELY MUTILATE the most beautiful, validated, standard CSS layouts and designs. While the newer Mozillas and IE6 can usually come to terms, but IIRC IE5 has the box model wacked and poorly supports certain styles and unit measurements.

Running through ALA, I've snatched up some articles I have found useful for situations like this. You're probably fully aware of them, and probably read them before, but, hey, couldn't hurt:

From Table Hacks to CSS Layout: A Web Designer’s Journey

To Hell With Bad Browsers

Fix Your Site With the Right DOCTYPE!

CSS Design: Size Matters

I also happened across some links regarding CSS hacks, should you need to go that route... :(

CSS Vault » CSS Resources » HacksHomepage

Dylan says:

I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that the forum table is set to a width of 100%, which in most browsers means 100% the width of the parent element, but IE 5.5 is thinking of it as 100% of the page or some other measurement.

In the next rollout, maybe I can tweak the code a bit.

spincycle` says:

it's not really *that* important =) I just got the word that I can upgrade all systems to IE 6.0 but if you want to do it for you own sake, more power to ya =)

Dylan says:

Good to hear. I'd still like to see if I can fix it, though. It might just be one of those "oh well" things that won't get fixed until you guys can pick your own stylesheets.

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